The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service (UGACES)
provides an easy means to have your lawn soil analyzed to yield
the best growing conditions for your turf.  Here is a simple outline
of how to take advantage of the service.

  • Sample your yard.  UGACES provides detailed, step-by-
    step instructions in a brochure.  Click here for an electronic
    copy of the brochure.  NOTE:  You will be placing your
    samples into your own paper or plastic bags at this point
    unless you have received "sampling" bags from UGACES.  
    Each bag needs to be identified as to what area of your lawn
    provided the sample.

  • Take the samples to a local UGACES office. Click here for
    a complete list of office locations.  At the office, you will need
    to complete a UGACES sampling bag for each of your
    samples and place the corresponding soil into the sampling
    bag.  One part of the information gathered is to identify the
    type of turf grass grown in the sample area.

  • Submit samples and pay testing fee.  Turn in the sample
    bags to the UGACES office.  Pay the fees involved (currently
    $6.00 per sample bag).

  • Receive analysis reports.  The local office will send the
    sample to Athens for testing.  In about 2 weeks, you will
    receive a report of the analysis for EACH sample.

  • Fertilize per analysis.  Each analysis report will indicate
    what fertilizer mix is needed, how much is needed per 1000
    square feet and how often the mix should be applied.  Your
    local lawn and garden supply center can help in selecting the
    right fertilizer.
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