About Our Company
Home Precepts is a Georgia corporation and a licensed
business specializing in residential real estate inspections.  
All inspections by HPI will be done by an experienced
residential inspector certified by the International Code
Council (ICC/CABO).

Home Precepts was founded in 2006 by Ron Utterback.  Ron
is President and General Manager of HPI and is himself  
certified by ICC as a Residential Combination Inspector
(Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing).  

  • A backgrounder on Ron
  • ICC Certification Validation: ICC does not provide direct
    links to certification information however this link takes
    you directly to an ICC search form.  Enter "utt" in the
    NAME field and click SEARCH.  You will see "Ron
    Utterback" listed among several others.  Certification
    information will be shown.
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