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How does HPI price an inspection?  HPI prices its
inspection based on an estimate of how much effort is
involved in a specific inspection.  Factors such as number
stories, type of foundation and age & size of home are
considered.  The quoted price is written into the Inspection
Agreement with the client and is firm regardless of how
much time or effort the inspection requires.  The inspection
fee is typically in the range of $200-400.  Click
here to
submit a request for quotation.

Do I need to be present for the inspection?  There is no
requirement for the client to be present during the
inspection.  The client is however encouraged to be available
at the end of the inspection, if possible, for a review of key

Will you find every defect or deficiency in the home?  
Possibly not.  The inspection is visual and non-invasive.  
Concealed problems may not be discovered if they provide
little or no outward evidence of their existence.  Some
findings may need assessment by a specialist to determine
extent and/or degree.

When do I get the Inspection Report?  The Inspection
Report is provided in a timely manner after completion of
inspection, generally less than 24 hours later.  
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the report...
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